The overall impact of the project will be to make regions aware of, and act upon, satellite services as a possible solution to provide broadband coverage to their respective areas that have no prospect of being served with terrestrial services on a commercial basis.  This will also facilitate better inclusion of satellite solutions in public call specifications and more efficient use of public funds in addressing their broadband ‘not spots’.

A sustainable and long term environment will be created by stakeholders interested in tackling the digital divide by providing a positive contribution to the roll-out and take up of broadband through satellite based broadband services. This environment will provide an opportunity for regional and national stakeholders to participate in a knowledge sharing process for the planning of broadband deployment using satellite solutions including the feasibility of demand aggregation within and across regions and across member states.

Regions in need across Europe will have available to them a common approach towards large-scale deployment of satellite solutions supporting the objective of 100% EU broadband coverage. These regions will have available to them guidelines and toolkits to support them in their endeavour to address their broadband needs, both now and into the future, through effective public sector intervention. These guidelines and toolkits will take into account satellite developments that are taking place and which could have a positive impact on the achievement of the DAE 2020 objectives.