CSI-Piemonte will be the coordinator of the network and will lead on dissemination activities drawing on its previous experience of coordinating European projects and addressing broadband challenges.


CSI-Piemonte will be supported by Eutelsat, Skylogic, Astrium and SES Broadband Services in gathering intelligence, producing early guidelines and carrying out an in-depth analysis of the intelligence. The market and deployment knowledge of the pan European industry partners, each leading players across the entire satellite broadband value chain, will be fully utilised to source international case studies and to sketch out a future roadmap for satellite technologies.


CSI-Piemonte will be supported by Slí Nua Development to produce regional guidelines and toolkits to support regions in planning satellite broadband deployments. The six regional partners (BHV, Niverlan, eTrikala, ToscanaSpazio, CSI & Devon CC) with experience of satellite deployment will share their experience through presentation of case studies.  All other regional partners (DGMEIT, Fundecyt, Lepida, WNRI, NEM, Acreo, SWRA, MWRA, COI, RDHOR, MIT, ETA2U, INFOTER and RCITT) will use and validate the guidelines, case studies and toolkits to consider satellite as an option in their regions.

All partners will actively participate in network round-tables, workshops and the conference.  All partners will also disseminate the SABER findings to other regions and networks across Europe. All partners will validate the guidelines and toolkits to help fine tune them.